The other day I walked through a department store and was struck by all the Easter dresses. I wasn’t in the market for one, but it did make an impression on me.  Even though we live in an era in which churches will be far from full even on the highest Christian days such as Easter, our culture still has a rhythm that flows along with the church calendar.  I am sure Easter candy will flow as normal!

But to me it begs a question: “The world preps for the Day, but are we?”  I think this “cultural rhythm” is a tremendous door of opportunity for the Church and we need to step through it.

And I see it this is quite a privilege.

How much more significant is the celebration of Easter when it is transformed from some “rite of spring” into THE celebration of when Eternal Life was offered to all?  And we can be the ones God uses to catalyze such a transformation. But doing so takes a little prep…like picking out thatEaster outfit in the department store. Here are a few suggestions.

–          Prepare yourself spiritually.  All of us have low-lying fruit in our spiritual lives that we just need to reach out and grab, things we know we need to do:  being more consistent in getting out to church, spending a bit of time in the Bible, praying a bit more, repenting of that stubborn little sin, dealing with an issue of forgiveness, and the like.  You get the idea…it’s not rocket science. Just do it.

–          Reflect on what it means to live in the wake of the Resurrection.  Way too many of us have let familiarity make us lukewarm, rather than red hot with gratitude, when it comes to the gift of eternal life God has given us via Easter.

–          Recognize the true joy you have to share.  You have the message of life, real life, the kind of life that powers through all the dynamics of life.  We grossly under-estimate the value of what we have to share. So, absorb the joy and then let it bubble out to others.

–          Identify and actively pray for at least 5 individuals you can share the Resurrection with this Easter.  Then look to do so.

–          Grab an invite card in the coming weeks and invite them to join you at church on April 16 if not before.

Our culture is desperately needs to turn that rhythm into reality.  The people we know and love need to do so as well.  And God can use us to do it!  It is part of the way the Good News still Echoes through the ages.







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