Happy New Year!  And I’m pretty sure we all want the new year to be characterized by happiness.  I don’t know any secret formula for this, but I think one key aspect is to thoughtful about how we define what it means to be blessed.  Typically we see this as pleasurable experiences or success and prosperity.  Too often this can be a recipe for disappointment.  However, when we adopt a more biblical definition, one more consistent with God’s ways, we can unleash a dynamic for real fulfillment.  That definition is “fruitfulness” or “usefulness”.  What the great heroes of the faith had in common is that they understood that the greatest blessing in life was to be used in some way by God to advance the Kingdom.  When we build off of that mindset we align ourselves with what God has already declared He intends…to use us.

See you for the first Service of 2016 on Sunday.

Be Blessed,






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