Admit it. The idea of re-gifting something you have received at Christmas is something you have thought about or have already done. The gift was perfectly fine, but you just didn’t want or need it. Maybe it was a nice vase, but you already had three. Or a coffee maker, but for some ungodly reason (I’m a coffee lover) you don’t drink coffee. So, you decided to pass it along to somebody else who would enjoy it. But you kept the “re” part of re-gifting to yourself because, well, you are not sure of the etiquette of the practice and you didn’t want to look cheap.

Sorry, I am not going to give you any help here on the rightness of this practice other than to say this; when it comes to your faith, it is perfectly fine for us to re-gift. In fact, the scripture encourages us to over indulge in the practice. You see, somewhere along the way, someone took the time to share their faith with you. It might have started with a lifestyle witness – just the way they handled the rigors of everyday life with grace and love in the context of your home, school or work place. Then you might have picked up on something they said or it was the answer they gave to a question you asked. But in the end, they re-gifted to you what someone had gifted to them: a personal invitation to know Christ as they did: by faith.

The Bible robustly encourages all of us to imitate the practice of re-gifting the gift of a personal invitation to know Christ. And Christmas is the perfect time of the year to do so since it is the time when we celebrate the original gift of the Son of God. So, feel free to re-gift your faith all you want. That could run the gamut of simply inviting a friend to join you for a Sunday in Church all the way to you setting up an appointment with someone God has laid on your heart just so you can share with them why Christmas matters to you. But either way, God desires for us to get out there and re-gift the gift of faith.

Incidentally, the gift of Christmas, the gift of salvation in Jesus Christ is the gift that will always keep on giving. So feel free to try to wear it out!







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