Pastor’s Word

I am inspired this week to share a random collection of positive thoughts/experiences. I hope they will encourage and inspire you about all the ways God is working in, around and through us.

– I spoke to someone who has been out of pocket for health reasons this week. Their spirit was so positive and uplifting. It was a blessing just to chat with them. The moment got even better when they shared how much it had meant to them that our Face Book live video stream on Sunday’s had allowed them to stay feeling “connected”. They wanted to express thanks to all those who make it possible each week.

– I got a note early this week from someone who relayed how Sunday’s message had provoked them to go home and dig a bit deeper in the Bible about something I said. They shared how profitable an exercise that had been. Good Stuff!

– This review came in this week on our Face Book page: “Being raised as an Irish catholic, I always found the sermons repetitive and grew bored after years of this up- bringing. After a few visits to Hope Chapel my husband and I are still trying to convert to where we would be happier spiritually. We are strongly being pulled in the direction of Hope Chapel. The people and pastors are so warm and inviting.” No doubt this made this Pastor’s heart feel good. You guys make Sunday’s special.

– I reached out to a family that hadn’t been around for a few weeks. After explaining why they’d been absent, they told me about picking up their child from daycare mid-week and having them say “Daddy, I feel better. I want to go to church tomorrow”. Too bad it was a Wednesday! I forward to seeing them on Sunday.

 – I am so thankful we can enlist someone with the credentials of Alasdair Groves to come and invest in the marriages of Hope Chapel. It really is a great thing that we can get a person with a national stature to lead our In this Together Marriage Seminar. I hope that most of you have it on your agenda to come.

– This is the last week to endure campaign advertisements for a while. Yeah. But do exercise your civic responsibility to vote next Tuesday.

 – We get an extra hour of sleep on Saturday night.

– And of course, the Red Sox won the World Series. This isn’t positive news for the Yankees fans among us, but I’ll take it.






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