Drive Time Devotions by Tom Holladay


The purpose of DriveTime Devotions is to help you know God’s Word and put it into practice.

Episodes are designed to be listened to once per day, five days a week. That way, you can miss two days each week and still stay on schedule.

We believe it’s better to study small sections of God’s Word each day instead of a larger section once a week. Studying the Bible is like eating—you’ll be healthier if you eat small amounts each day rather than one big meal a week!

You can listen to the devotions online, through a podcast, or through their app.

Tom Holladay is a teaching pastor at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California. Tom’s passion in ministry is to help people discover a love for the Bible and an understanding of God’s truth that changes the way they live. In addition to his pastoral leadership and weekend teaching ministries at Saddleback, he assists Rick Warren in teaching Purpose-Driven Church conferences to Christian leaders all over the world. Books he has written include The Relationship Principles of Jesus, Love Powered Parenting with his wife Chaundel and (with Kay Warren) Foundations: Core Truths to Build Your Life On. He and Chaundel have three children and five granddaughters.


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May 11, 2018


  1. Joan McIvor

    I am unable to access daily devotions since 28th November. I do miss them. Can you tell me why?


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