Pastor’s Word

Ever year since we moved into our current facility on Chocksett Road we have help a prayer vigil as a part of our Holy Week activities. Each year we have fully staffed the one-hour prayer slots from 9 PM Thursday night, 3/29 until 3 PM on Good Friday 3/30 (the traditional hours Jesus left the Upper Room and the hour He died). But for the first time ever we are in danger of having some of the one-hour slots unstaffed, which I really don’t want to happen. So, let me challenge to review the sign-up poster on the lobby wall this Sunday and pick a time slot to come and pray.

Now I know for some this will be a first and you might be asking yourself “what in the world would I pray about for an hour?” Well, no worries there. We provide a prayer guide crammed full of requests from our missionaries and ministries that will provide you with more than enough prayer ammo to fill an hour. You might also be asking, “will I have to pray out loud in front of other?” The answer to that is “that’s up to you”. Some folks sign-up as a team and spend time praying together. Others, just sign-up and although others are there, the pray by themselves. So, you are certainly free to spend the hour praying silently…whatever works for you.

If you are hesitant, let me challenge you to step up and participate. God loves to stretch us and when we cooperate with His stretching it supports spiritual growth. Besides, I am confident you will enjoy it. And I know it will really make a difference. Not because you or I are great at praying, but God is great at answering prayer. As we both know, answered prayer always changes things.

Therefore, when you are in the lobby on Sunday, find a slot and fill it. If they are all filled, then “over-fill” the hour that is best for you. Hopefully it will be a very meaningful part of your overall Easter worship experience.







Hope Chapel

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