I offer up in this week’s column a brief recap of last Sunday’s D51 gathering.  The focus of our prayers centered around Hope’s Mission Statement (Our mission is to be agents of God’s grace to reach people with the hope of Christ and connect them to a growing community of faith to serve our world in love) and what it means for us to take steps of faith in the areas of reaching people in physical and spiritual need, connecting them to the body of Christ, actively equipping them to grow in Christ and joining them in serving the world with the fullness of Christ’s grace and truth.
I invite you to join us in those prayers.  Now is not a time for Hope to say we have come far enough, with enough need among us to occupy our faithfulness.  We are a healthy faith community with some God-given assets that is surrounded by +/-40,000 people within a 5 mile radius who do not actively engage with Christ’s body.  God has done what He has done at Hope to convince and assure us He can use us in greater ways if we will simply following Him in taking steps of faith.  Pray that we will have the eyes to see those steps and the boldness to take them.
A first step in that journey is a first for Hope.  In mid-September, a mailing will go out to 16,000 homes in Sterling, Lancaster, Clinton, and parts of Leominster and West Boylston.  The mailer will be an invitation to join us for a special sermon series beginning September 27th entitled “Key Choices to a Greater Life”. The sermon series will be based in 1 John.  Pray God will use the mailer as a knock on the heart of a large number of people.
I am excited to renew this journey of faith with you.
Neal Davidson





Hope Chapel

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