If you hang around Hope for very long you will notice that we challenge people to invite their friends to church.  Ever since Andrew invited his brother Simon, who we know as the Apostle Peter, to come and meet Jesus (John 1:40), a personal invite has been the best way to introduce a person to the difference that Jesus can make in their life.  And it works.  It really does.  We have seen it at Hope repeatedly.  But what can you do after they have actually attended a service to help them along on the journey of discovery?  Here are a few suggestions:

– Keep praying for them.

–  If they don’t have a bible, make sure they receive one from the racks of free bibles in our lobby.

– Introduce them to others…especially folks you think they might “click” with as well as a leader or two.  Remember, following after Jesus (discipleship) is a relational process.  Therefore, the more relationships they have the better.

– Encourage them to take a next step in Hope’s connecting process.  Not sure what that is?  Here it is:

  1. Provide contact information.  It will be handled discretely, but without a name or contact info it is like a person doesn’t exist in terms of our ability to serve them personally.
  2. Attend a Q&A with the Pastor.  We do this the first Sunday of every month.  It is a chance for them to “peel the onion back” a bit more on Hope, getting more of a feel of who we are and how we can best serve them in their discovery of all God can mean to their everyday lives.  Feel free to join them.
  3. Take part in a Foundations of Hope Class.  It is here the Gospel and how to respond to it will be explained clearly.  They will also learn a lot more about how they can take full advantage of Hope’s ministry in terms of learning to walk with Jesus. Again, feel free tro join them.
  4. Join a Life Group.  This is the sustainable way to keep deepening your life in God at Hope.
  5. Find a place to serve.  We have lots of entry level service roles (greeter, cleaning crew, hospitality team, Kid’s Connect teacher assistant, etc.) that provide a way to make a difference.  Finding a way to contribute is a significant step in people making a church their permanent home.

Every week we work to provide a friendly environment intended to lead to lasting friendships. We plan a message designed to engage the seasoned disciple but also be understandable and meaningful to the novice seeker. We intend to do all we can to make them feel welcome without embarrassing them.  We can’t do anything but that  since God rejoices when prodigals head home.  So, as you are out and about this summer taking advantage of the good (hopefully) weather and making new friends in the process, be sure to bring them along with you to church when you are back.







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