In preparing for the big week…Holy Week that is…I have found myself immersed in the details of the redeeming activity of God and its implications for us. You know the stuff I’m talking about…the God/Man Jesus being betrayed, arrested, beaten, executed, and resurrected and how all of that created the eternally planned platform where God can change everything, especially us…our past, present and future.

But there is an aspect of that incredible redemption story that always nags at me and I would like for you to help me deal with that nagging. You see, at the heart of the redemption story, the “why” behind all the blood and sacrifice of the original Holy Week, is that fact that God “so loved the world” and that He is not willing that any should “perish”. And yet in the midst of our “celebrating the story” such a large percentage of that dramatically loved world goes untouched by, and virtually unaware of, the act of redemption. It makes the celebration seems so incomplete.

So here is how you can help me with my “nagging”. You can help me answer these two questions:

1. How can Hope Chapel be more effective in actually making a connection with the 75,000+ folks who live within its field of influence so we actually have the opportunity to share and model the redemption story? In short, how can we be more effective in reaching people?

2. How do we as a church more effectively help folks experience the full impact of the redemption that changes everything? In short, how do we help people really grow in Christ?

Now, I am looking for actual, real life responses. But it would be far more helpful to me if you would share them with me in writing…via responding to this email with a return email, or handing me a quick note with your insights, or even writing it on the back of an envelope stuck in the pew chair in front of you on a Sunday morning and putting it in the plate. If you just “tell” me, I’m sure to lose it in all the vacant space between my ears.

But I already know one of the answers…we need to pray more. I look forward to hearing yours







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