I spoke this week about “What can God do for you?” Part of that message was that God makes the inexperienced wise. As humans, we are born completely inexperienced. We must learn how to do everything. Children learn an extreme amount of information, everything from what feels funny, how to sleep, and what kind of cry gets them what they need. We continue to learn new lessons and experiences our entire lives. Some of these lessons are tough including how to find the right spouse, how to grieve, how to parent, how to deal with a dying body, etc.

What makes these lessons more endurable is the ability to talk with someone who has experienced them before. This is one of the reasons I believe Hope Chapel has much to offer others. We are a multi-generational community with generations of experience. It’s finding those connections and opportunities to share and gain wisdom from others that is the hindrance. Some of those opportunities come in the form of Life Groups, Foundations of Hope class, Sundaymorning Bible seminar series, men’s breakfasts, women’s retreat, and special events like the upcoming Parenting and Grand-parenting Workshop on March 25.

I’d encourage all of you to take advantage of these events. We try not to fill in your calendars so that when there are events, we believe they are worth going to. Sometimes, you attend and learn and other times you can share and help the inexperienced become experienced. But we have to find ways of coming together, old and young. I would enjoy seeing more seasoned sages mentor young adults in how to just do life. I would enjoy seeing more students join us in Sunday service (50-60 kids during youth groups nights. 15-30 come for Sunday bible class for their age, but very few experience corporate worship with the adults). I would enjoy seeing students graduate High School and see Hope as a place where they want to continue as an adult. I would enjoy seeing seniors know they are important and how Hope can help them in their new experiences in life.

I don’t know how we can get there. I do know we don’t want to do things just for the young and do things just for the older. I do know we don’t want to do things just for kids and families and create mini separate churches within a church. I do believe it continues to be a desire for the leadership and staff to be a multi-generational faith community. We desire to reach people of all ages with the hope of Christ and bring them together into a growing community of faith. Help us make more inexperienced wise.

Pastor of Family & Adults
Steve Blumer





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