Even though Mother’s Day is a man-made, hallmark card invented, “special day”, I am truly thankful for it. As I reflect on the impact my late Mother had on me and continue to marvel at the tremendous impact my wife is having on our boys, I find it increasingly difficult to adequately articulate the importance Mothers/Woman play in our lives and culture. That challenge is only intensified when you attempt to somehow define what the “ideal” standard is for Mom’s. Thank God He has already done that in Proverbs 31:10-31. I found a great summary of the qualities affirmed in this passage:

These qualities are:

1. She is a devoted wife (vss. 11, 12, 23). She is one who has the confidence of her husband, who seeks his welfare, and enhances his reputation.

2. She is a diligent partner (vss. 13-17, 18b, 19, 22, 24). As a woman with God’s viewpoint, she is a willing worker, a wise shopper and planner who is able to minister to her family because she keeps herself fit spiritually and physically (cf. vs. 18a, 25).

3. She is a dutiful servant to the needy and the poor (vs. 20). She has a vision for ministry not only to her family but to her society.

4. She is a dependable mother (vss. 15, 21, 27). She is devoted to the needs of her family. She is well groomed, attractive, organized, and disciplined and as such, is a testimony to her children.

5. She is a doctrinally oriented woman (vs. 26, 18). She is a woman full of God’s wisdom.

Now I knew my Mom well enough, and my Wife even better, to know that their immediate reaction to this list would be, “I don’t measure up to that!” And what I want to say to all the Mom’s this Mother’s Day is that even though you might echo their reaction to this standard, you don’t have to measure up to it perfectly to be a blessing or to be used of God. You can embrace it as a goal but still take joy in the ways God blesses your family through you. The Bible is full of Mom’s who were far, far less than perfect, but God used them anyway: Eve, Sarah, Rebekah, Bathsheba, and Rahab to name a few. God’s grace means that while perfection remains the goal, it isn’t an absolute necessity to be a blessing to others.

So let us all heed the advice of Proverbs 31:31 on this man-made special day and give our Mom’s and the Mothers of our children the reward and praise they deserve. Thank you Mom. Thank you Christina. Thanks for being an instrument of God’s blessing.


Neal Davidson





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