I love milestones.  When we travel long distance by car, like when we drive to Florida or DC, I do count downs to the crossing of state lines.  Milestones indicate progress, and I look forward to getting there.  I guess this explains some of my thrill in recognizing the mission’s milestone we just passed as a church.  In 13.5 years we have given to missions through our budget slightly over $750,000.  When you figure in all the special projects and mission trips we have done as well, the overall financial commitment to missions has to be close to 1 million.  YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PTL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks for your faithfulness in giving!
But as we celebrate this great milestone, I am slightly sobered up by the fact that sometimes the easiest the thing for us to do is to write a check. People make lawsuits go away by writing a check. And while it is great to write a check to underwrite God’s work around the world, the best thing we can really do is get involved in missions, to join in on what God is doing all around us.  So the milestone I really long for is this:  when every member of Hope Chapel has been personally involved in serving in some kind of mission initiative.  Pray for your Missions Team as they orchestrate those initiatives.  But really, it is going to take each of us making a way to get involved.
In that light, look for the Giving Tree to emerge in the lobby in the next week or two.  The ornaments will contain a wide variety of ways in which you can make a difference in someone’s life this Christmas.  If history repeats itself, they go fast, so be sure not to miss a Sunday if you want in.
See you Sunday for Communion and more.





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