Neal Davidson - April 8, 2018

Learning How to Live by Grace: Part 1

Do Over: Learning to Live by Grace

In order to fully live by grace, we must fully understand our need for forgiveness.

From Series: "Do Over: Learning to Live by Grace"

Did you know that God gives us a do-over? Its called grace, and He provided an unlimited supply of it when Jesus died on the Cross for us. It releases us from our chains to the past and allows for our lives to be dictated not by our past but by God’s future. The sad thing, many people are still allowing their pasts to determine their identity, their self-worth, their expectations, their habits…you get the idea. God doesn’t intend for it to be that way. He has intervened in human history in Jesus to free us from our past, so we can have a complete do-over in our relationship with Him. It’s available, it’s ours, but we aren’t taking advantage of it.

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