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A smaller family within a bigger one.
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Life Groups are our main place for discipleship

Caring for one another

Transformation with God

Connecting with purpose

Life Groups at Hope Chapel exist to provide a place for real faith to produce real hope as real people share real life with one another. As people CONNECT with one another to GROW spiritually together, it equips them to REACH people with the hope of Christ and SERVE others in love – The mission of Hope Chapel. 

how it happens

Life Groups spend time studying the Bible, often eating together, praying for one another, sharing life experiences, and serving the community with service projects or in church-wide outreaches. We believe Life Groups is a great place to live out your faith. We have groups for young adults, mixed ages and stages in life, or just women and men groups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why join a group?

  • You will feel more like you belong to the Hope Chapel family.
  • You will feel supported in the stresses of life.
  • You will get opportunities to love and live out the over 40 “one another” commands in the New Testament. (i.e. Pray for…, Encourage…, Carry the burdens of…, Rejoice with…, Weep with…)
  • You will grow in your understanding of God, His Word, and His Work.
  • You will meet new people that could potentially be long life friends.

How long will I be a part of
this Life Group?

We think it is good when people sign up for the same group year after year. It often takes time to share your real life stresses and circumstances with others. However, we also think it is healthy to make changes, meet new people, and experience Christianity from different angles. Therefore, we open up Life Groups for realignment typically around September. It’s a great time to start in a group or continue in the same group you were last year.

Joining a group can feel awkward at first. And it can be difficult to share life with those who aren’t quite like you. Remember that following Christ is a lifelong stretching of those uncomfortable spiritual and personality muscles. So plan on making at least a year commitment.

We certainly understand when people can no longer participate due to changing circumstances. We hope, if possible, another Life Group might better accommodate your needs.

Can I start a group of my own?

Absolutely. Grab some friends. Pick a consistent time and location. And we can help you find the right study and provide tips to make it a successful group.


How much is this going to
cost and what do I do with
my kids?

Most groups purchase inexpensive Bible study materials 2-3 times a year. However, we do not want money to stand in your way of growing in a Life Group. Please allow us to help cover the cost if needed.

Some groups have no children while other groups deal with childcare differently. Some groups can allow for the children to manage themselves in another part of the house. Some groups pitch in to hire a childcare provider. Everyone chips in because everyone benefits. Speak to the group’s leader to get the specifics on how they handle childcare needs.

All leaders and hosts are CORI/SORI checked.

What if I don’t know much
about the Bible or I don’t like
to pray in public?

We aim to accommodate people who know nothing about the Bible and Christianity as well as those who have studied the Bible for a long time. Many are where you are in your spiritual journey and the rest have been there before. We hope that everyone grows in their knowledge of God, His Word, and His Work no matter their level of Bible knowledge.
We also want everyone to feel safe at a Life Group, to grow at the pace that God challenges them. We don’t want anyone to feel pressured in participating in Spiritual Disciplines such as praying or reading the Bible out loud. We do hope, that over time, you would be challenged and take small steps towards being confident in expressing more openly your relationship with God.

“God has not given us a spirit of fear, but one of power, love, and a sound mind” –
2 Timothy 1:7