Let’s do this!  Our former daughter church, The Church on Seven Hills, was bequeathed a church building in May and it provides them with a ton of great possibilities.  But to capitalize on them, it needs some tender loving care to bring the 1950’s era facility up to speed.  And that is exactly what we want to do before the new church year descends upon them and us just after Labor Day.  So, we have a missions project scheduled to give them a hand in prepping the building to be the Kingdom asset it can be.  The details are below:

When:  Monday July 24 -Friday July 28, 8 AM to 4:30/5 PM

Where:  The Church on Seven Hills, 475 Burncoat Street, Worcester, MA

Who:  Older teen and adults of all skill levels.  The number one requirement is a willing attitude. We can use you for a day or for the whole week.

What:  We will be remodeling the two main bathrooms, doing a lot of much needed exterior painting, demolishing an old brick sign that needs to go, and several other projects as the available labor will allow.

Other:  Snacks and lunch will be served on site each day at no charge to participants.  We could use a person or two to volunteer to prepare the lunch in the on-site kitchen each day.

It would be great if you could indicate your availability to participate.  Sign up here or you can just email me.  We will provide a “tools” list to those who indicate they are coming.  I know right now we can use ladders, particularly tall ones, so if you have one you can loan to the project, please let me know.

Let’s do this and give them the “head-start” they can really use.



PS – I know many of you are continuing with your daily reading in Proverbs.  Here is a great suggestion I received to keep things fresh: use a different translation each time you read through it.  For example, If you used the NIV the first time, try using the HCSB or the NLT this time.  It will help to enrich your understanding of the meaning of Proverbs.





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