It’s more than mulch.  It’s more than nicely planted flower beds, trimmed bushes, clean sidewalks or clean windows inside and out.  It’s a message.  A message that matters.  It communicates that we are expecting and excited to have guests.  Even more, it reveals we are head over heels in love with the God we serve and therefore keep the campus set aside as a place to worship Him in top notch shape…and we want it to show!   And taking it one step more, we want them to know we love doing it, because we love serving Him and the people He leads to our campus.  The heart of being a church that pleases God is to be  one that is falling deeper in love with Him and longing for it to be evident to those who are far from Him.

That’s why days like Saturday’s work day matter.  It provides all the 500+ people who call Hope home an opportunity to communicate the all important message that we love God and want everyone to know it by we treat people and the way we treat the place we gather as His family.  I hope you will join us Saturday for our spring work day (details below) so we can send that message loud and clear.  And I hope it won’t stop Saturday, but will be fully on display every Sunday. And when we serve Him, He uses it.
A quick update.  As we enter the last two weeks of gathering of our Keep Making a Difference offering, we are approaching the $9,000 mark toward our $15,000 goal.  We have already purchased a new refrigerator and freezer for WHEAT in Clinton with your gifts and look forward to seeing all that can be done when we meet our goal.  It will be especially sweet to help our daughter church enhance the new facility they are settling into.

God Bless,






Hope Chapel

35 Chocksett Rd

Sterling, MA 01564