It always nice to be in the know. Hope’s fall launch is right around the corner which means all of our ministries will be ramping up, providing you with numerous ways to take next steps in your faith journey. But to take advantage of those spiritual opportunities you have to know what is going on. Here is how you can stay “in the know” and be proactive in working out your salvation with fear and trembling.

– The good old stand-by is the weekly bulletin. We pack in lots of info just so you can know what is going on. This is my favorite…because it means you are actually in church.
– The weekly E-letter…what you are reading right now. We start providing information on upcoming opportunities at least 4 weeks in advance. The great thing about the E-letter is that if there is a registration required there will be an embedded link directly to the sign-up form. Think of it, while your waiting in line for your favorite morning coffee you can redeem the time and sign-up for an upcoming Men’s or Women’s Breakfast. Sweet! For instance, you can sign up for Hope’s service experience at the Sterling Fair via this very E-letter.

– Hope Chapel’s website: This dynamic site is one of our best kept secrets among those who are connected to Hope. It contains information on just about everything Hope is doing and provides direct links registration lists. You can also listen to past Sermons, even from 6 months ago, see when different Life Groups meet and who leads them, and see if services are cancelled due to a snow storm. And by the first Sunday in September we will have a couple of computer kiosks in the lobby so you can research and register for ministries via our website right in the lobby.

– Hope’s Facebook page: We post links to lots of what is going on our Facebook page. The cool thing about this avenue, and I am no expert…just ask Steve, is that you can share posts from this page to your page, spreading the word far beyond our normal reach. We also have a Facebook group, which you have to be accepted into. We use this primarily as a way to share prayer needs and the like, so if you haven’t asked to be connected in you might want to.

I hope you will keep yourself in the know. I think you will be blessed if you do!






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