Ever wonder if the Apostle Paul ever thought “there has got to be an easier way.”  Paul spent his life on the road after he met the resurrected Jesus on the road that ran from Jerusalem to Damascus as he longed for all to know Jesus as he now did.  So, he traveled, much of it walking.  It is easy to conclude that Paul put in more than 2000 miles walking for Jesus.  Now, I realize Paul loved people and was passionate about people knowing how they could have a relationship with God through Jesus, but still, somewhere along the line he had to have thought “isn’t there an easier way?”

But no, God’s plan for sharing the message of Jesus has always and will always involve people…one person sharing with another.  That’s not going away.  Never should.  Life on life is the best means, always. But I do think the Apostle would be amazed at the communication resources available to today’s church/Christians.  Sure, Paul could send a letter that could take weeks to months to arrive, but beyond that it all had to be in person.  Now we can pick up the phone and call around the world.  We can email vast amounts of information from the phone stashed in our pocket.  We can echo great teachings to a vast network of friends via Facebook, Instagram and the like. I think Paul would have been an early adopter.  He wanted all to know.

I wouldn’t call Hope Chapel an early adopter, but we are adopting many of these new communication opportunities.  We plan to begin live streaming our services in mid-September and hopefully you will use your Facebook account to invite your friends to check in and check it out.  We already take some of the most powerful thoughts from the messages and post them up on Instagram to encourage folks as well as for them to pass them along through re-posting.  We put every Sunday message up on our website, usually Sunday afternoon, so you can re-listen for additional clarity but also so you can share the link with others (its right on the main page of our website: hopechapelsterling.org).  You can listen to whole series there.  We have a link under our Media tab on the same main page where you can get a link to a huge world of spiritual growth resources (the link is labeled “Online Grow Resources”).  These can encourage you, teach you, or equip you to share with another.

So here are a few other things to know about Hope’s digital gospel footprint:

1. Church’s web site:  hopechapelsterling.org

2. Facebook – Hope Chapel is present on Facebook in 3 profiles:

Hope Chapel Facebook Page – our general window to the Facebook world

Hope Chapel Group – this is primarily our digital prayer chain.

Hope Chapel Students Group – all things youth at Hope.

3. Instagram:  Follow us at hopechapelsterling

I hope you will add these resources to your efforts to reach your world with the Gospel.  Just like in the days of the Apostle Paul, people need to know Who we know, Jesus.  And if Paul was willing to walk thousands of miles to make that happen, then the least some of the techies among us can use their social media networks to do the same. But never forget, it all comes down to people matter to God and we need to show that as we relate to every individual who comes into our lives.







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