Pastor’s Word

My anticipation for this Sunday’s “Red Carpet” (Come to Church Sunday) is as high as any service outside of Easter and Christmas Eve since our Building Dedication service in 2006.  In short, I’m psyched. We have had an army of people praying for this service for over a month. Dozens of people identified their “one” they were going to invite to this service and are actively praying for them to come. Hundreds of phone calls have been made.  We’re ready to roll out the red carpet in the spirit of welcome, so they can’t miss the message that they matter to us and God. And the capstone…we are going to focus on what God’s Word has to say to us about a pivotal spiritual matter: How to Figure Out God’s Will.

Can I make a couple requests as your Pastor? First, pray for me. From the first day I started preaching I’ve been brutally aware that I have no capacity in and of myself to draw anyone to the life that is in Christ. That’s a God thing. Pray for Him to do so this week. Pray for that every week. Pray that the message would be clear, understandable and compelling even for those who don’t want it to be.

Second, prioritize being in worship on Sunday. Because you have the Holy Spirit within you, there is a direct correlation between the number of people present and the sense of the Spirit’s presence. And we always need God’s presence.

Third, be yourselves. Many of you truly enjoy meeting the friends of your friends, so do that. Plan to arrive at the church building 5-10 minutes earlier than you usually do so you will have the time to greet some of the friends your friends have brought to the service on Sunday. You will be amaze how God uses this to create receptivity to His love and grace.

See you Sunday. I am really looking forward to it.






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