Many thanks to the folks who turned out last Saturday for our spring work day. It is always great when family comes together. To some it might seem like we were just spreading mulch, trimming bushes and hauling debris, but I know it was a lot more. Specifically, it is our attempt as a church to minimize every barrier that could prevent someone from hearing about what Christ can do for them. And believe it or not, keeping Hope’s property looking like we care makes a difference in that. As I am in my office, I frequently see cars come up the driveway, take a look at the building, turn around in the parking lot, and head out. They are just checking it out, seeing if they would want to come back on a Sunday. It matters.

It all flows back to, we only get one opportunity to make a first impression, and we want to make the best first impression we can for the cause of the Gospel. So thanks for tearing down barriers.

Neal Davidson





Hope Chapel

35 Chocksett Rd

Sterling, MA 01564