Such a simple equation but one of the hardest to implement in our lives. We chose self so easily that we forget the price that was paid for us. Our student ministry during YEC faced this issue front and center. From the speakers and the session, the students began to look inside their own lives and ask the question who is first.
            We posed this question in Church Group Devotions. What do we need from God? The responses were open and honest, they range from the need to understand God’s truths in their lives to a need to be more obedient to their parents. We had students share how much youth group meant to them and how they had needed to feel like they belong and that they found that in our ministry. We had adults share how God was challenging them as well and how God was using students in their lives to  grow deeper in their own faith. Both students and adults realized how special our time together was.
            When we allow to let God show up in our lives awesome things happen and we experienced this first hand. We had over 75 + people from our ministry attend and four of those where added in the last two days. These four shared a room for the weekend and by the end of weekend they had all made decisions to make God, Lord of their lives for the first time. It was just that kind of weekend we had a total of 10 new decisions to follow Christ – 7students, 2 college students and 1 adult. God was not done, countless students rededicated their lives. God moved in our youth ministry when as a collective group We Said” HE > I”.
            Because of this we  are challenging our youth to be a youth group that lives a Colossians 3:17 life. ” And whatever you do, in word and deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the father through Him”. We are asking students to live their faith out loud, to give God everything for the next 40 days to submit to Gods authority in every way possible.  We are praying that challenging our students and staff to have Passion for Jesus Christ will have a huge impact on the student ministry at Hope Chapel.
What would our church look like if we All did this?
In His Grip,

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