We are entering, probably reluctantly for most of us, into the time when the temperature drops and our thoughts turn toward the “holidays”.  In the midst of all of the hustle and bustle, most of us take some time to reflect on our lives.  Can I ask you a favor?  As you become aware of “God-sightings” in your journey, will you let me know?  How did your personal daily time with God, or a life-group study, or a sermon you heard, impact you in healing or strengthening a relationship, or making a decision, or fixing something that was broken or off-track in your life?  How did God open a door that you didn’t even know was there?
This kind of feed-back is so encouraging, but it also informative.  It allow our leaders to have a sense in what ways and through what means God is most actively speaking to us.
Thanks in advance.
Neal Davidson





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