John 14:1-7, 27-30 – “heart must not be troubled. Believe in God”

There is great power in believing because there is great power in the One in whom we put our belief. I pray during this past week that you have discovered the importance of putting your belief and trust in God. It takes giving up control or admitting that we never had control in the first place. It takes us confessing the need of God in our lives and agreeing that God is the only one who can meet our need. When we believe in God, God can do amazing work in our lives, with our lives, and through our lives. God will give you joy, peace, and hope; and those gifts are unlike what the world offers. The world, your work, and your relationships can offer you a form of joy, peace, and hope but they are not the same as what God gives. That’s because the world, your work, and your relationships don’t have the power over Satan on their own. Jesus tells us not to fear and not to worry because the ruler of the world has NO power over Him. Satan did not have power over Christ when Christ died on the cross. Christ died on the cross because Christ let it happen. It was no accident. It was no loss of strategy. He was not blindsided. All power and authority is given to Jesus Christ. So when the one who has complete dominion tells you not to fear…that’s something you can lean on. Instead of spending your thoughtful energy on the things that are worrisome or fearful and listening to Satan’s lies, put your thoughts on God and the truth He is whispering in your ear. You don’t have to let your hearts be troubled. God has you protected and provided. He has not left you alone. He is preparing your future and has given you the Holy Spirit in His “absence.” If it was going to be any different, He would tell you. He’s not startled by your circumstances or stumped by your situation.

Prayer Starter: God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit, all power, glory, and praise belong to You. There are some things that trouble my heart and I have forgotten that You have power over that situation or relationship. You have complete control over everything in this universe. Satan’s evil schemes to sift me and tempt me are powerless efforts. Do not let my heart be troubled. Do not let my heart be anxious. Do not let my heart worry. I put confidence that I can resist those things because I put my confidence in You. I don’t have the power in myself, but Your power lives in me. Your power lives in me because You live in me. You live in me because I have believed in You and accepted Your gift of salvation.

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