Matthew 13:10-17 – “for this people’s heart has grown callous”

Research shows that 25% of people do not change their bad habits even after a heart attack or stroke. In spite of their painful experience, they fail to see the need to change, the ability to change, or the benefit of changing. Our spiritual life is kind of like that. Even when we get a spiritual awakening or insight from the Lord, we fail to see the need to change, the ability to change, or the benefit of changing. Our heart has become used to the way things are that we miss out on what God desires for us. Our hearts have become callous, hardened, thick, fat, insensitive, dull, and unable to fully understand. But all hope is not lost. Jesus says He teaches in parables because He knows that there are people who won’t comprehend through previous ways of teaching and proclaiming. Jesus won’t give up on you because you’ve developed some thick skin and a hard heart towards believing God. He desires for you to catch a glimpse of what He is offering or receive a sound bite of His message so that you will give Him another look and another listen. When you do, Jesus can work with that. He is able to soften what was callous. He is able to sharpen what was dull. He is able to cure the incurable illness of your heart. It just takes a little believing, a little listening, and a little paying attention for God to begin His work. How well are you listening?

Prayer Starter: Hello God, I understand that You’ve been trying to get a hold of me. I have even heard You speak to me, but perhaps I have ignored Your message to me. I pray that I would understand the seriousness of my heart condition and understand the seriousness of my need to let You change my heart. Continue to work in my heart as I listen and look to You. Do not let me settle for where I am now in my faith. Thank You Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

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