Mark 11:20-25 – “does not doubt in his heart, but believes”

The story of the fig tree is an interesting one. Jesus noticed a fig tree not producing figs so He cursed it. Later they saw that the fig tree was withered and they were shocked at His power to command such a thing. Jesus used that as an illustration of the power of a believing heart. Jesus said that His followers could have the same power if they believed and would not doubt. This is a tough part of faith because there are plenty of practical occasions where you have prayed and believed and it didn’t happen. Why? Some would say you didn’t have enough faith. Some would say it wasn’t according to God’s will. Some would say that God’s answer could be “no, not now but later.” Jesus doesn’t talk about any of those things here. He says don’t doubt but believe. The idea of doubting here is being a judge. A judge listens to all the evidence and makes a verdict or an argument for his/her decision. We have already looked at the mountain and think practically that it is too big to move. When we try to believe contrary to our pre-determined verdict, there is a discrepancy. In this situation, Jesus is teaching that a believing heart must not consider the possibility of alternative risks or outcomes. This is not to be excluded from all the other teachings as mentioned above, but it’s interesting to note that Jesus really wants to emphasize the power of a believing heart. He knows we are often quick to doubt, even quick to apply other spiritual explanations.

Prayer Starter: To the One who can do all things and tells me I can have the same confidence. God, it is so hard to believe sometimes because I don’t want to be let down if it doesn’t happen. I know I need to pray according to Your will, but I also need to ask boldly, believing that it can happen. Help me not to rationalize my heart away from believing that You are still active and powerful in this world. Help to know that You still want to display Your power through Your believing people. Reveal Yourself to me today in an amazing way. In the name of Jesus, who gives us hope, amen.

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