Luke 8:4-15 – “having heard the word with an honest and good heart”

Stories can be powerful especially if we can relate to the story from our own experience. Jesus was famous for storytelling and putting spiritual truth in parable form. Sometimes, the people would identify with the story but completely miss the meaning. Sometimes, his closest followers would entirely blunder on the true meaning. That was the case in this parable. Jesus had to further explain. The seed that grew and gave out the most was the seed that heard the Word with an honest and good heart. The word for honest carries the idea of being beautiful. It’s a heart that is living out perfectly what it is designed to do. It’s healthy and attractive. It’s not mislead with varying distractions like other hearts are. It’s sincere and authentic. It’s a soil that allowed the farmer to prepare it and work it and fertilize it (often with manure…such those “crappy days”). The word for good carries the idea of producing beauty. Its foundation is so rich in goodness that it is useful to grow more beauty. It has the implication of being generous. Once the farmer sowed the seed, the heart took hold of it and allowed it to grow. It was a believing soil and a believing heart that made it possible. Part of the work of growing spiritually and making an impact in the world is the work of the farmer (God). But part of the work also belongs to the heart or the soil (you). The way you have allowed the farmer to work your heart, the way you have kept yourself from the worries and pleasures of this world, and the way you have held onto your faith during the tough times…all yields a beautiful and bountiful return. A believing heart that cherishes the word and work of God in their life is beautiful to our Creator.

Prayer Starter: God, thank You for Your desire to make sure I understand the message. Thank You for using all sorts of ways to communicate to me.  I wish I could recognize Your messages more often as I seem to miss Your message to me at times. I am not paying attention as well as I should. Allow me to let You cultivate a work in my heart. Give me the energy to work hard in removing the stones, pebbles, and weeds that could hinder Your word from growing in me. I want my heart to produce a bountiful harvest for You. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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