1 Chronicles 28:9 – “understand the intention of every thought”

“What did you mean by that?” Communication through email or text can often lead to problems because we can emphasize different words or phrases and lead the conversation to a different meaning than what was originally intended. We begin to read into what was said. We begin to assume voice tone and expression. We begin to predict motivation. Something that starts out innocently turns nasty. If only we could “read their minds.” But this is exactly what God can do. God is able to search your emotions, search your desires, search your plans and know what your motivation is. King David is telling his son Solomon to truly live a life for God. David emphasized that Solomon really needs to know God, not just to say he knows a few things about God. David emphasized that Solomon needs to really serve God with a passionate heart and a willing mind, not just out of show or obligation. We may be able to fool some people for a short time, but we can’t fool God for one second. God knows what’s in our hearts. He knows what we desire and what we really want. He knows what we say to people and what we really want to say to people. God sees your heart and He knows what you really meant in your words and actions.

Prayer Starter: God, You are the searcher of hearts. Even if I think I’m doing things for the right reason, I ask that You show me the truth. Your ways are higher than my ways and Your thoughts are higher than my thoughts. You know my ways and You know my thoughts and You know the intention behind every thought and way. Reveal to me where my intentions need correction. To the God who has such ability, amen.

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