Ezekiel 36:25-28 – “I will give you a new heart and a new spirit within you”

So far we have seen that God is a tester of the heart. He can judge your motives and your intentions besides testing your actions and works. He does this so only the pure and good aspects rise to the top. In the book of Ezekiel, the nation of Israel had been through a testing time. God had tested their hearts and their works and much of it burned up like wood, hay, and straw. God is now ready to restore and renew Israel. God knows they need help to jump start this renewal process. God does not expect perfection. He does not expect us to figure it out on our own. He accepts a heart that is humble and a person who will admit when they are wrong. He accepts a heart that believes God can and should make a change in them. God will not only give you the desire to do His will but He will work in you to act on that godly desire (Philippians 2:13). God wants your heart and He is willing to clean out your heart to give you a fresh start. God desires to create a new heart in you. No matter what your life is like before God, it can be completely amazing when we let God in. He doesn’t just create a new heart and leave you to figure it out on your own. He gives you His Spirit. He is the help line, manufacturer, and engineer to help with any problem. You’ll wonder why you didn’t let Him in sooner.

Prayer Starter: To the giver of life, thank You that You are not willing to leave me in my sin. Thank You that You want to give me a new heart and put Your spirit within me. I have resisted Your work in my heart before and tried to figure things out without You. I give You my heart. I allow You to change what You know needs changing.

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