Why is it we find it so hard to forgive ourselves? Many people find it far easier to forgive others for their bad choices, mistakes and misdeeds than to forgive themselves. And then we carry around tremendous baggage which can cascade into a sense of unworthiness and being damaged goods. Then we turn to God’s Word and read all these great verses on how God forgives us, but no word on how to forgive ourselves or that we are even supposed to forgive ourselves. ¬†We encounter challenging teachings about forgiving others, but our longing for a passage that commands us to forgive ourselves 70 times 7 is nowhere to be found. Hmmm?

So what does the Bible teach about forgiving ourselves? What truths are there that serve as the foundation for setting us free from our past and releasing us to embrace God’s future for us? Great questions, ones that deserve an answer far more thorough then I can provide here. But it will be the focus of this week’s sermon installment in the Power of Forgiveness series. I hope you’ll join us and bring along a friend. It is truly a life altering word from God.





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