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Today was a good day.  Up to now we have been continuing our preparation study, adjusting to the time zone, and running errands to get the last of the materials we need for the project (these take forever).   So today felt like our first real day of ministry when we worshipped with the Harvest Christian Church in Zarephath for worship.  My guess is that there were about 200 in attendance, but they certainly made enough noise for 5,000.  They love their music loud!

The service is what we have come to expect and enjoy when we worship with the part of God’s family that resides in Rwanda.  They love to shout hallelujah at the tops of their lungs directly into the microphone.  They have three to four choirs (children, young adults, women, mixed) who present the music and dance they have practiced through out the week.  They come forward to place their offerings in the “gift receptacle” at the front of the worship area.

They also provide a time for people to share a word of testimony. We heard from one lady today who spoke of how low she had come when he husband died.  She struggled to feed her children and to have a place to live.  But then she just committed herself to diligently pray, and pray, and pray.  She then was able to speak of how God had been faithful.  Specifically, her oldest son had just finished primary school.  Secondary school (Jr and Sr High) is all private in Rwanda so she had no idea how she was going to be able to pay a tuition that was more than 10 times her annual earnings.  But her son received an academic scholarship to one the best schools in Rwanda.  She was definitely praising God.

They other were a young couple who had just had their first child.  She spoke of being at a clinic and developing birthing difficulties that were beyond her their ability to treat.  The clinic was frantically working to transfer her but didn’t think she would survive the transport.  But just before she delivered a healthy baby girl and all are fine.  They were praising God.  I had the privilege at the end of the service to dedicate and bless this young child…and my praise is that the little girl didn’t cry while I held her!  God is indeed good and in the business of miracles…if only we have the eyes to see them and the hearts to praise Him.

Tomorrow we launch into the training with the 60 Pastors.  The first week is the book of Exodus.  Much like Moses, John and I feel inadequate for the challenge and are studying frantically.  But there is no way to anticipate their range of questions, so we ask for the Holy Spirit to give us words and also for you to lift us up in prayer.

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