I can remember my grandmother saying one time when someone was relying the struggles they were having fitting in helping out with some charitable or church activity, “and what thanks do you get?” She was actually a very giving lady, but in that moment she felt the way a lot of us feel at times, that the appreciation just isn’t there when we extend ourselves and go the extra mile. I hope you don’t feel that way, but just in case you do, let me assure you that you are appreciated.
I raise this issue because lately we have needed to ask for a fair amount of “above and beyond” effort as we serve families going through times of loss. We just did that with Paul Silva, and we will also be serving Donna Salluce’s family Monday. Let me be the conduit of appreciation to you. Every time we have hosted a funeral, the families have gushed their appreciation for your graciousness and generosity in ministering to them. It is a wonderful reflection of who you are in Christ, and a great testimony to the spirit that God has poured into Hope Chapel.
So feel appreciated…whether you are a part of the team that supplies the food for funerals, or shows up in the middle of the night to plow snow, or is part of the behind the scenes team that cleans the building each week, or rocks a baby in the nursery during services, and so on. It is all noticed and appreciated by someone, and most importantly, by the Father in Heaven.





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