Easter Season

Easter is the pinnacle of the Christian faith. It's about Jesus dying on the cross and then rising from the dead three days later. But the journey to the empty tomb for Jesus was full of highs and lows. Join us starting March 4 as we learn from Jesus on dealing with the Peaks and Valleys of life.

Holy Week

Lots of things happened during the last week of Jesus before He was crucified. Church tradition calls this last week "Holy Week". During Holy Week, we will have many opportunities to experience the journey to the empty tomb from focused Bible study, a Maundy Thursday potluck, a Prayer Vigil, and a special baptismal service on Easter Eve. And of course Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday are highlights of the season. Check out the details to all of these below.

Bible Study

March 25 - Palm Sunday - Triumphal Entry: Mark 11:1-11

March 26 - Fig Tree and Temple Cleansing: Mark 11:12-19

March 27 - Parables and Teachings in the Temple Complex: Mark 11:2-13:37

March 28 - Passover Preparation: Mark 14:1-16

March 29 - Passover Meal and Betrayal: Mark 14:17-72

March 30 - Trial, Crucifixion, and Burial: Mark 15

March 31 - Jesus is dead, Day of waiting: No Bible reading

April 1 - Jesus is Risen, Come and See: Mark 16

Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday is the traditionally celebrated evening when Jesus and His disciples ate the Last Supper, the Passover Meal. During that night Jesus washed their feet, connecting the Passover meal to His death and shedding of blood to the forgiveness of sins, and taught His disciples many lessons before His eventual betrayal by Judas hours later. We will celebrate this night with a potluck (everyone bring a meal to share), small group retelling of the events, and a night of worship. Please join us at 6 pm. We'll end before 8 pm.

19 Hr Prayer Vigil

Starting at 9 pm on Maundy Thursday until 3 pm Good Friday (when Jesus died on the cross), we open our doors at Hope for a season of prayer. We ask for at least 2 people to sign up for an hour and be at Hope praying. We provide some items to pray through as well as encourage you to pray for things on your heart as well. It's a great experience. Sign up soon and claim your hour.

Easter Eve Baptismal Service

You've heard of Christmas Eve, but what about Easter Eve? Join us for a special service at 6 pm as we celebrate what we know is coming Easter Sunday morning. Christ is displaying His power over sin and death. Several people are already signed up to be baptized on that night. Let us know if you're interested in baptism as well.