Hebrews 4:12-13 – “able to judge the thoughts and ideas of the heart”

Why do pastors read and teach and preach from the Bible? Why are Christians encouraged to read it every day? Isn’t it just a book written thousands of years ago? Is the Bible that important? The Bible may seem like any ordinary book with pages and words. But the words in the Bible didn’t come from just anyone. They are the words of God. Words from the Creator of all things. He could best write the manual because He designed everything. As we read the Word of God we are confronted with truth, insights, warnings, and encouragements. The Holy Spirit is able to take those and convict us of our sins, proclaim forgiveness in Christ, and redirect us towards the things that matter to God. The Word of God is living. That means it is still impactful today. His message is timeless. It’s not dead nor archaic. The Word of God is effective. That means it is able to do what it says it can do. It is powerful. It is where we get our word “energy.” The Word of God is able to cut through all the junk and get to the heart of the matter which is the matter of the heart. God is able to know your thoughts and plans and ideas. Simply by reading His Word, the Holy Spirit makes those words able to judge and discern and give a verdict on the things of your heart. God is a tester of your heart. He has the ability and He will test it. And one day you will have to give an account for your actions and your thoughts. Don’t think of this negatively. God gives us His Word as a trial test to fix our wrongs before we sit before Him with the final exam. He doesn’t want us to fail. He gave us the answers. That’s why we study it. That’s why you’re encouraged to read it.

Prayer Starter: To the author of the Scriptures, I thank You that You have given us such guidance through the words of the Bible. I thank You that You guide us with the Holy Spirit. Forgive me if I have not taken the time to consistently read Your message to me. Let me not only read Your Word, but to let is soak down to my spirit and soul, to my thoughts and ideas of my heart. Allow Your Word to test me, convict me, correct me, and inspire me. In Your glorious name, amen.

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