“Lent” is a man-made time of season where we focus our attention on the real events of the death (Good Friday) and the resurrection (Easter) of Jesus Christ. It’s a time of preparing our mind, body, and heart to meditate on our sin and weakness, to look at Jesus as our perfect substitute and example, and to be heightened in our worship from His victory over Satan, sin, and death. Lent (from Latin, meaning “fortieth”) is the 40 days leading up to Easter Sunday. Sundays themselves are not counted in these forty days, as they are generally set aside as days of renewal and celebration (“mini-Easters” of sorts).

Preparing your mind, body, and heart.

1) Mind – “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind” (Romans 12:2). Give your mind something good to think about. Let’s say you suddenly wake up in the middle of the night from a bad dream. What do you do? Do you play it over and over in your mind? Do you think about ways the dream could come true? Or do you tell yourself it’s only a dream and think of better and truer thoughts? Fill your mind with righteous thinking. Commit to spend time reading God’s Word through a Lent/Easter Bible Reading Plan. One is suggested below.

2) Body – People often use the Lenten season to fast (giving up something normal and significant for a short time) in order to devote more time, energy, and resources to God. Fasting for 40 days is not common. Most fasting in the Bible is for 3 days because they were giving up something significant like food. Going without Facebook or cupcakes is probably not going to send your body into shock and dehydration, so going 40 days without those can be a good choice, especially if it truly gives you more time, energy, and resources to focus on Christ.

3) Heart – “Guard your heart above all else, for it is the source of life” (Proverbs 4:23). The heart symbolizes the placement of your emotions, will, and desire. You have given your heart toward many things in your life. Some have let you down. Some have broken your heart. Some have given you a renewed purpose. God wants more than a task-doer. He wants your heart. Be passionate this Easter season to discover and experience God with a new or refreshed craving.


Come back each day for the daily devotional and prayer starter. For a list of bible readings, visit the Easter Reading Plan here.