“If you don’t know what you missed, then you don’t miss it.”

I find that to be a profound thought.

For example, if you don’t watch the news, then you don’t know what news you missed. Sometimes we hear people say “I didn’t know that was this weekend.” And some of that is because we won’t even finish reading this e-letter. I’m not trying to shame you or cast blame. I’m trying to illustrate a spiritual truth in my life and perhaps yours too.

Most of our lives are full. We have somewhere to go, someone to meet, some appointment to keep, and some project to complete. We often forget what happened last week because we are constantly thinking about what needs to happen this week or the next. And the same thing can ring true in our spiritual life. Suddenly, you can find yourself thinking and believing that you really haven’t missed much from church or life group or even from your personal bible devotion time. Think about it: Do you even know what you missed out on? And if you didn’t even miss it, is it that important to get back into right now?

It’s a profound thought.

So, my prayer is that this Sunday will not be another Sunday, nor another series, nor another study. Starting this Sunday, Hope Chapel will be in a church-wide and Life Group wide study called AHA: Awakening, Honesty, and Action. This series will include 7 Sunday messages, a “40 Days to Lasting Change” book, and 6 weeks of Life Group material. I encourage you to listen each Sunday, read the book daily, and engage in a Life Group weekly.

This series will call us to ask God to reveal where we are at in our personal relationship with Him. What’s the status of the relationship? And what are the areas in our lives (we all have them) that we need to admit that we are missing out on something better? And then what do we do when the Holy Spirit reveals those things to us? Do we immediately obey? Do we push it off until later? Do we rationalize why it won’t work out? Or do we just go on and allow the next week to overshadow any lasting change that God wants to do in us?

Pray with me: “Awaken me Lord so I don’t miss out on Your good and acceptable and perfect will.”

Steve Blumer
Pastor of Family and Adults





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