Luke 22:1-39; John 13-17 – Passover meal, final words to His followers

John spends more time than any other Gospel writer on the final words of Jesus to His followers at the Passover meal. Jesus knows that in just hours things are going to get chaotic. He not only foretells the future of their betrayal and persecution of the “end times,” but He also talks to them about the good that will come. He tells them of another Counselor who will come when He leaves. This Counselor will teach, guide, help testify, and comfort. Jesus talks about the peace that they will receive. It’s a peace unlike the world’s offer of peace. And then He prays for His followers. He prays that they will be protected from Satan’s attacks. He prays that they will be as one unit, undivided in focus and passion. He also prays that they will know the same love which the Father has for the Son. And then He prays that all those things would be true for not only those followers present at the Passover, but for those who will continue to believe the good news of Jesus generation after generation. He prayed for you!

Prayer Starter: Thank You Jesus for praying for me. I will often say that I could use all the prayer I can get and I have God Himself praying for me! I couldn’t get more prayer than that. I join You in praying for protection against Satan and his schemes. I pray that Christians will unite in focus and passion so that Your name and Your kingdom will expand. I pray that everyone, but especially those who believe in You, will know the extreme love You have for them. Let me experience that love deeply today. Amen.

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