Luke 20:9-21:38 – Jesus’ final parables and teachings at the temple before Passover meal

By now, this will be the third time you will read through the final parables and teachings of Jesus while He was at the temple and Mount of Olives before the Passover meal. Matthew, Mark, and Luke share many of the same teachings. There are often slight details that are shared from the different authors. Have you noticed any? Many people picture that Jesus was at the temple for a short period of time. However, He seemed to be there for at least several days. The end of this reading says that He would teach at the temple during the day (starting early in the morning) and then He would retreat to the Mount of Olives at night. Is this a pattern for your life? Do you rise early to spend time in God’s teachings and do you spend time at night retreating with your closest friends to talk more about Jesus?

Prayer Starter: Dear God, forgive me if I read quickly through the readings this morning. I have heard them before so I scanned by them. Help my heart to desire to wake up early to spend time with You and in Your Word. Help me to find a community of believers that I can connect with on a consistent basis to also hear and discuss Your teachings. Let me never grow tired of hearing Your Word. In the name of Jesus, amen.

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