Mark 12-13 – Jesus’ final parables and teachings at the temple before Passover meal

Mark records some of the same teachings that Matthew recorded. Some people believe that Mark was written first and gave the other apostles something to refer to and remind them of the teachings they remembered. Both Matthew and Mark spend significant space also recording the teachings of Jesus on the Mount of Olives after He left the temple. Those teachings dealt with the “last days” when Jesus would return and the persecution and destruction that would foreshadow His return. Many people study those teachings to predict when Jesus will return and many generations have failed in predicting that time. What is important to know is that it could happen at any moment. There are some warning signs, but the biggest warning is just to be ready no matter when it happens. Are you ready? Have you been busy working for God’s Kingdom or for yours?

Prayer Starter: Jesus, You are the Son of God. You are God. You were there in the beginning when the earth was formed. You see and know all things. We see with incomplete knowledge. Give us urgency about Your return. Let us be excited about Your return even though we don’t know when that may be. Don’t let us think that we have plenty of time, but give us a deep sense of things that we need to do now in light of your return. Amen.

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