Matthew 22:1-26:5 – Jesus’ final parables and teachings at the temple before Passover meal

Jesus spent some considerable amount of time teaching at the temple and privately with His disciples days before He would be crucified. Not all the gospel writers (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) included all of the same parables and teachings. John actually spent more time than the other writer on the teachings at the Passover than the teachings at the temple. It shows the extend of His teachings during this time. There were many lessons Jesus wanted to communicate before He was gone. Spend time reading and contemplating these teachings. Perhaps write them down and then compare the teachings as recorded by Mark and Luke at the next two devotionals. What do you think Jesus wanted to emphasis in His last days? What would you want to communicate in your last days?

Prayer Starter: God, I know that Your message to me is simple but also in depth. There are so many things You could share and there are many things I wish You would share. But I know that You have shared so much and much of it was recorded by these eye witnesses thousands of years ago. Help me to slow down to really listen to Your Word and let my heart hear the message You are still communicating to this day. In the name of Jesus I pray because Jesus provided the way for me to pray directly to You, my heavenly Father, amen.

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