John 11 – Jesus resurrects Lazarus

Notice how many times the author writes that Lazarus was someone that Jesus loved. When Jesus doesn’t show up the way we want, we can question whether He cares about us or whether He missed our plea for help. But Jesus didn’t miss our prayer, nor does He not act quickly enough. Jesus cares about you and will act according to a glorious plan beyond your expectation. He really wants to know if you believe in Him. Believing in Him (as we have talked about before) provides not only earthly comfort but eternal well-being. Do we really want a relationship with Jesus or just what we can get out of Him?

Prayer Starter: Jesus, there has been times when I thought that if You would only show up, then things would be different. Since things weren’t different, I assumed You didn’t show up. It is so hard in the midst of these trials and discouragements to see Your plan. You may not reveal Your plan but You do reveal Yourself. May I cling to Your presence more than Your presents. Amen.

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