Day of Silence – Nothing is recorded in Scripture. Jesus is dead. He has not yet risen.

Spend some significant time imagining what you would have been doing as Jesus was dead. Don’t rush to Resurrection Sunday. Silent Saturday is important. Why did Jesus choose to rise on the third day? Why the waiting? Was it to confirm His death? Or was it a time for His death to soak in? Some of you have experienced the sudden death of a loved one. What were those following days like? There would be preparations for the body. There would be times of gathering with family and friends to share stories. Some would enjoy the company. Others would rather go fishing to seek quiet reflection. There is confusion and chaos, yet silence and slowness of time. Things are different now.

Prayer Starter: Dear God, people were shocked and confused over the death of Jesus. In many ways, people today will claim that God is still dead. Some don’t believe You exist at all. Some don’t believe that You are active in this world or at least not for them. For these people, You are dead or so passive that You seem dead. For many in this world, silent Saturday is their every day. They don’t see Your handiwork behind the scenes. They don’t see a planned path. Help me see and believe that “Sunday” is coming. Help me be the voice to those who doubt. In your precious name, amen.

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