Matthew 26:36-75; Mark 14:32-72; Luke 22:39-62; John 18:1-12 – Garden prayers and betrayal

All four accounts are abundantly similar. There are a few details added in each account that give a bigger picture of the events of that night. In one account, we see that it was Peter that cut off the high priest’s servant’s ear. In one account, we read of a man that ran away naked from the mob who arrested Jesus. In one account, we read that the mob was knocked over with just the words of Jesus. In one account, we read that Jesus and Peter made eye contact when Peter denied Jesus 3 times and the rooster crowed twice. You can feel the tension that is building. Jesus and the disciples have had run-ins with the priests and religious leaders before, but this was way different. One of their own had betrayed them. Jesus did not slip away as times before. He was captured and He didn’t fight about it. He didn’t argue. He only responded that He was indeed the Messiah, the Son of God, the Chosen One. Everything that was happening and every word that was spoken was a fulfilling of Old Testament prophecy.

Prayer Starter: Jesus, my heart sits quietly from reading about these events. You prayed with deep sorrow but Your disciples were sleeping. You calmly took the betrayal from one of Your own while Your other disciples ran away when You said there would be no fighting against it. Even though You came to earth for this moment, You struggled in all levels of emotion and human experience. You could have called Legions of angels to Your side, but You did not because You desired to go through the struggle for the prize at the end. Help me to follow Your example when I am betrayed, or deserted, or falsely accused, or going through something I wish I didn’t have to. In Your name, amen.

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