Hello From The Other Side!

This is Shane once again. While you all are bracing for some snow and chilly temperatures, John and I just enjoyed a beautiful African sunny day in the mid 80’s :). What a great break from the cold weather we get to enjoy each February. 

Today marked our second full day of teaching the pastors. We began with a question and answer time based on the study of Joel that John led yesterday. I just sat there and watched John very confidently and skillfully answer the questions that came his way, even those that were a bit out of left field. I was very impressed to see a layman who has spent so much time studying God’s Word that he might be able to teach others so effectively. 

I taught the rest of the day by taking the pastors through the book of Jonah. They were greatly encouraged by the reminder of God’s sovereign grace and pursuit of us even when we fall. They also learned of God’s passion for all nations, even the most wicked, to know him as Lord. I taught for many hours in the heat, but was so encouraged to see the pastors engaged, eagerly taking notes, and asking a ton of questions after each chapter. We continued to be challenged by their hunger for God’s Word and commitment to learning so that they might lead their people well. Next up is Amos. Please pray for John as he does most of the teaching tomorrow. 

Thank you all for your prayer and support!