It’s the cumulative effect. I think that is important to keep in mind as you consider all the new opportunities for ministry that Hope is rolling out as the fall winds up. We are all busy and therefore are really selective in what we commit to. So we inherently ask the question, “will this commitment really make a difference?” In many ways a fair and important question.

What I want you to keep in mind is that discipleship, learning to follow after God, is a cumulative process. We engage in repetitive, meaningful but low impact activities that cumulatively make a huge impact. We read the bible, pray, meet with others for study, fellowship and worship, find ways to serve, and when we look back we see how much God has changed us. I liken it to riding a bicycle. I know folks who go for 100+ mile rides. But they travel that long distance via the repetitive process of pedaling. Discipleship works much the same way.

So don’t minimize the long-term impact a commitment to a simple ministry can have. Here are a few of the ministries you can consider becoming a part of:
– the two new Adult Study classes on Sunday mornings launching in the next week or two
– connecting with a Men’s or Women’s Breakfast or prioritizing being a part of the Men’s Retreat on November 4-5.
– joining a Life Group
– committing to the Women of Hope bible study on Wednesday mornings
– finding a ministry to serve in: Sunday Hospitality, being a part of the Greeting Ministry, serving as a classroom assistant in Kid’s Connect, being a part of the cleaning team, or something similar.

This dynamic of the cumulative effect is why we refer to our faith life as a journey. We just need to keep putting one foot in front of the other as we follow Christ.






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