Technology can be amazing.  Today they can put technology in cars that will parallel park it for you. That would have been great back when I was taking my driver’s test for my license.  You can get cars now with lane departure warnings, adaptive automatic cruise control, and auto high-beams.   And just yesterday I saw a commercial where a car not only began to brake when it sensed a pedestrian, but also automatically turned the car a little.  Pretty amazing.

I know that this might be a bit corny, but I think scripture memorization is kind of like spiritual technology.  When we memorize scripture, we hide it away in our hearts and God uses it like adaptive spiritual technology to adapt our behavior so we don’t sin against Him or others (Psalm 119:11).  That is why our opportunity to memorize Romans 12:9-18, or for the those who want a lower threshold just v.18, as a part of our study on relationships is such a great opportunity.  We can opt for the spiritual package that will prompt us to hit the brakes when we are about to hit a relationship pothole.  So, take the challenge and memorize this strategic relationship passage.   Better relationships could lie just ahead.

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On a different but joyful note.  Congratulations to Bethany and Randy Dattolo on the birth of Elijah Philip.  Mom and baby are doing great.







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