In just a few short weeks we reach the pinnacle of the Christian year, the time when we celebrate Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday.  Somehow, we have found a way to make these into very individualistic celebrations, which is totally foreign to the very DNA of these salvific events.  Deeply embedded in the event of Christ’s atoning death on the Cross is the characteristic that it is something to be lifted up, to be proclaimed.  Likewise, instilled in any encounter with the empty tomb is the compulsion to run and tell someone what has been experienced.  Jesus affirmed both of these in His post-Resurrection appearances as He instructed His disciples to go and bear witness to what they had seen and heard.  Collectively this all screams that any and all forms of Easter worship is meant to be shared, not privatized.

So prepping for Easter means we should also prep to share it with others.  So let’s get practical.  Spiritually getting ready for Easter means we need to identify those who we should pray for and seek to invite to worship with us on Easter.  My challenge to you is to have a handful (5) of people you are praying for and that you are seeking to invite to join you for Easter.  I think it would be great if you offered to escort them to Easter services on Sunday, April 16.  Truthfully, any preparation for Easter that doesn’t include such an effort is incomplete.







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