Hi, everyone!
So last week I went for my annual physical.   My doctor is always very thorough, asking questions and listening carefully.   She tests my blood for a variety of quantifiable indicators.  She pokes.   She prods.   And then she asks more interesting questions about my habits and lifestyle practices.   I value our annual meetings and actually look forward to her assessment of my overall health.  I need her outside, critical perspective.
This Saturday, Neal and I will lead a general workshop on Communication and Trust in Marriage.  Whether you’re doing well in these areas, or perhaps are more in crisis mode, or even fall somewhere in between, it’s ALWAYS good to get another perspective.   There are dynamics that occur in our relationships that we may not even be aware of until we take a step back and do some assessment.
Now Neal and I are not marriage professionals, but I feel grateful that we’ve been able to work through the good, bad and ugly over 31 years and still trust and communicate in generally healthy ways.   We hope to lay out some principles and tools to renew, or perhaps begin your own conversation and assessment:
Do I communicate in ways that my spouse can understand?
How am I building up my spouse’s confidence and trust in me?
Even if you’ve not had the opportunity to sign up, please still consider joining us this Saturday, October 17 from8:30AM to 11AM at Hope Chapel.  Childcare and a light breakfast will be provided.
It should be fun!
Christina Davidson





Hope Chapel

35 Chocksett Rd

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