“Come and see.”  Those simple words might actually turn out to be the most impactful ones you will ever utter.  In the Apostle John’s Gospel, an ostracized woman offered those words to her village after encountering Jesus and having a conversation with Him at a well, and they changed the spiritual trajectory of the entire village.  Don’t believe me?  Take a moment and use your Bible app or good old fashion printed bible and look it up in John 4: 29 and 4:39. Her simple invitation to come and see, which followed her becoming convinced Jesus was “the guy” when it came to knowing God, led to many people discovering the same truth for themselves.  That is powerful stuff.   Good stuff.  Simple stuff.

This type of simple invitation is still an incredibly effective way to extend the impact of God’s grace and love in the world today.  In fact, many say no other method comes close.  At Hope, we are trying lots of things to connect with new folks, specifically seeking to find ways to connect with people who have never attended a worship experience at Hope, which is why we are trying to expand our social media presence, do on-line registrations and things. We don’t want attendance to be a barrier to getting to know Jesus.   But don’t let those efforts fool you.  We are under no illusion that any of that can take the place of the simple but powerful personal invite: “Come and see”.  Study after study shows that the clear majority of those who become life-long followers of Christ began their journey because someone invited them.

So, I hope you have your list of those who you plan to invite to “come and see” this Easter season.  Who in your life would you love to spend time with in heaven but as of right now you are not so sure they will be there?  Who do you care about that could use the healing, sense of identity and life meaning that only Christ can provide?  Who would you just love to have sitting down the row from you on Easter hearing about the new beginning the resurrection of Christ offers?  Those are the folks to have on your list.  And imagine, a simple come and see invite can change their lives forever. So, look for the invite cards we will have available this Sunday and start prayer walking through your list, knowing simple words can change a life for eternity.







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