A Biblical Call to Grandparenting

A Biblical Call to Grandparenting

As a part of the Parenting Workshop in the Spring, Glenn Havumaki talked to grandparents about their role of parenting. Glen sums it up for us in this summer review.  Grandparents have the second greatest influence in a child’s life, next to the parent.  There are 80...
A Biblical Call to Grandparenting

Parenting and Grand-parenting: What Can You Really Do?

During our Parenting and Grand-parenting workshop in March, George Kohl shared some wisdom into parenting and grand-parenting in relation to what a person can really do because there are limits to parent power. Parents are the biggest influence on a child’s life, but...
A Biblical Call to Grandparenting

Parenting At Every Phase

At the end of March, we held a morning Parenting and Grand-parenting workshop called “It’s a Phase: Don’t Miss It”. A phase is a time frame in a kids life where we can leverage distinctive opportunities and relationship to shape their...
A Biblical Call to Grandparenting

Talking to Your Children

Written by Steve Blumer, Pastor of Family and Adults at Hope Chapel When you brought your child home from the hospital or held them for the first time through an adoption process, you didn’t get an instruction manual. And neither did your parents when they...





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