Good Rain ’18: Women and Solar Panels

Good Rain ’18: Women and Solar Panels

Hi, everyone.  This is Christina.   Well, we’ve been having quite a time here.   Every day is an adventure, every experience an opportunity to learn.  Yesterday we drove down a couple of hours to the southeast region, Bugasera, almost to the Burundi border (but only...
Good Rain ’18: Women and Solar Panels

First Impressions – Good Rain ’18

David and Lucy Li are making their first trip to Rwanda.  Here are their first impressions after a few days in country… First impressions This is Lucy and I’s first time in Rwanda and first time in Africa. While we have had a number of cross-cultural experiences...
Good Rain ’18: Women and Solar Panels

Up and Running – GR ’18

Good Rain Team 2 is up and running – well, maybe more like walking – in Kigali!  Such a beautiful country filled with gracious people!  This is the first I’ve been back since I broke my leg in 2016, so I received a very warm welcome from Pr. Theo’s family and the...
Good Rain ’18: Women and Solar Panels

The Rwandan Baptism – 3rd Day of Teaching

Wednesday, the sun is shining it is warm.  Neal is checking the weather often, worried that the second half of his team will be snow bound in Boston or delayed and caught in Istanbul.  I have traveled with this man for many years – he is amazing, and cares very much...
Good Rain ’18: Women and Solar Panels

The End of the Day – Good Rain 18 Day Two Teaching

Day Two.  Day Two of teaching is always a challenge, especially when you are teaching a long book like Exodus.  You want to go slow and make sure they understand everything.  You take questions. You clarify.  You feel like you are getting there.  Then you realize that...
Good Rain ’18: Women and Solar Panels

Good Rain 18: First Day of Teaching

Another first day of teaching in Rwanda.  It is remarkable how close we have become with this group of men and women pastors.  They are part of our family. The sessions begin and ends with prayer.  Both sides then share the blessings that have occurred during the...





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